How we are different ?



by Amber and Jana Chidakashi

Our company, Oxygen Property Partners Limited, was formed only 2 years ago, in North West of England, based in Liverpool. The founders had family contacts there and it was echoed that Liverpool was an up and coming property hot spot. This was confirmed by our background research about the economic fundamentals of the city and investments areas that were coming from different sources into various industries.

The property market itself was very attractive due to the history of Liverpool but also the affordability and its potential. We have since partnered with local professionals, trades people and the legal team to deliver all the services needed for our clients.


Our core values

Sometimes, investing in property can becomes confusing and overwhelming for the investor. There is just simply so much information out there. There is so much free, but often conflicting expertise on forums and social media sites. As a new investor it’s difficult to know who you can trust and which strategy to start out with. There are many advanced strategies out there that people beginning try to start with and spent a lot of money on before they have the confidence in putting things into practice.

We believe that giving people guidance on how to invest in the property market would unable people have more confidence in investing. We always introduce the core fundamentals first, the right strategy for each investor , depending on their personal circumstances and financial position.

The objectives of the company were to find run down properties for investors in London for a finders’ fee which included the consultation of the investment areas in Liverpool and hand holding them throughout the process.
We came up with a property brief and investment criteria to match the right investor and the property together. This should eliminate the overwhelm and confusion that comes with investing in property.