When it comes to finding deals, Oxygen Property Partners  act as your buying agent. We are fully accredited with all of the legal paperwork that you need in order to become a buying agent.
We have an advisory team with us that includes a lawyer, a surveyor, an architect, a builder, a lettings agent, an estate agent and a buildings regulations officer.
Initial Contact and getting to know you we have an introductory conversation on the phone to see whether you think our services would suit you and to help you understand whether this is the right thing for you.
We have investment tours in Liverpool where you can get to see our projects and the town itself.
We meet with our team regularly  and if you choose to develop your investment portfolio with us you will have access to our team.
In order to book a telephone conversation please click on the link below :
 Step one 
Step two 
We meet with you and establish your values and goals and establish  what’s important to you. We create an investor profile for you.
Step three
We craft a strategy for you based on your risk profile your personality profile and the conditions of the market at the time.
Step four
We identify the circle of professionals that you would need to be working with.
Step five
This is where we make sure that you understand your tax position.
Step six
We will identify any gaps in knowledge and any training requirements necessary to bring you up to speed.
Step seven
We invite you to a series of four different tours / workshops that we run for our investors.